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President.1st 1994 - 1997 BOC Kanesh

President. 2nd 1997 - 2006 PB Sunthar

President 3rd 2008 - 2010 BOC Bala

President 4th 2010 - 2014 PB Anantha

President.1st 1994 - 1997 BOC Jesu

President.1st 1994 - 1997 BOC Kanesh

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         Unique Association being one of its kind in our Country


(President 1997 to 2007)


        Northern Province Banks’ Pensioners’ Welfare Association, as the name connotes is an Association of all the retirees from all the Banks operating in the Northern Province, at the time of its formation in 1994. This conglomeration consists of retirees from


            Bank of Ceylon,

            Peoples’ Bank,

            National Savings Bank,

            Commercial Bank of Ceylon,

            Hatton National Bank.


It is a Unique Association being one of its kind in our Country. Nowhere else in the Country is there a Primary Association for retirees from all the operative banks in the area. Our area of operation covers the entire Northern Province with five districts, Jaffna, Kilinochchi, Mullaitivu, Vavuniya and Mannar.


The bulk of the membership is from the three State banks (Bank of Ceylon, Peoples Bank and National Savings Bank).The Commercial Bank played a vital role with the pro active participation from the top downwards until recently. Hatton National Bank was always a sleeping partner because like the Commercial Bank the retirees are not pensioners.


The strength of the Association lies in the built up financial base and the bulk of the members being domiciled in the Northern Province itself with well wishers spread out throughout the Country and abroad. Right from the beginning our Association has been articulating the issues pertaining to its members, though the degree of success cannot be considered commendable.


The Annual General Meeting is a much awaited annual event looked up to with pleasant expectations of an annual meeting and greeting among the colleagues. With the further build up of the fund base the intention is to make it a family get-together along with the current staff. This calls for a broader fund base.


The Association has been thriving of course with hiccups more due to the extraneous environment than lack of enthusiasm and active participation by its members, some of them being octogenarians reaching out to be nonagenarians.


All members come under the category of Senior Citizens in retirement and the uniqueness of being the only such all inclusive association in the country, is further embellished by the non-dependence of its members, fending for themselves and still in harness as far as their family matters are concerned.





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“A Happy Retired  Life“


(1st President 1994 to 1997)


I am pleased to write this greetings on the 25th year of the association. I had the opportune by of being the founder President of the Association.


The other founder member, who are retires from all the Banks  were function during the war were M/S. Mr.M.Vamadevan (BOC),Mr.M.Palasingham (BOC), r.M.P.Vethanajakam (NSB),  Mr.T.Sivabalasubramaniam (HNB), Mr.V.Vimalasingham (Com), Mr.R.Gopalakrishnsn (PB). Later on retirees  from all banks in the province journal this association.


Although all pensioners are also member of their respective Bank’s Pensioners Association with their respective Head Office in Colombo. Due to the war  situation none  of the  office bearers  of the association in Colombo, visited the District, to  apprise  the situation here and provide adequate relief and due to this the pensioners in the north  established this Association on 30.9.1994.


The Association have been concentrating on getting a fair deal on simultaneous upward revision of pensions along with the triennial revisions for the current staff under the renewable Collective Agreements.

Though the ideal was the prevailing “indexing of Pensions “it was not broached directly to avoid administrative constraint.


Association have endeavored to adopt the good practices in the public service, such as the surviving spouse continuing to receive the same quantum of pension as the deceased pensioner. Our surviving spouses get a raw deal with Bank of Ceylon giving 50% of the gross and Peoples Bank giving 20% of the gross as pension.

Freezing of the Variable Cost of Living Allowance for Peoples Bank Staff who retired after June 1996 is yet to be sorted out.

It was after  establishing   the association, the several  problems, hardships and sufferings  had been highlighted in the News Letter and some solution were obtained, but still many remain unsolved.


      The Bank on retirement which the retirees  “A happy retired  life“.  I wish the association all success in future Endeavors and pray for our members long healthy of wealthy life.







Association has Completed Two Decades.


 (3rd President 2008 to 2010) 


I am indeed proud to realize that the Northern Province Banks’ Pensioners’ Association has completed two decades since its inception.

The ‘FATHER’ of this Association Mr.K.Kanesamooorthy (Retired District Manager BOC) had a great vision and I feel that we have almost achieved most of the goals under this vision. I am also proud to say that I was offered the opportunity to be the third President of this Association.


The Banks that were functioning during the most  turbulent period in the Province, united together under this Association to solve common problems among them. This resulted in a most affordable and satisfactory service to the general public and the customers of these  Banks in particular.


We were made answerable to the Government and the militant groups that operated in the Province. In short, we were under two Governments and disobeying the orders of the Shadow Government  made our working conditions very risky and we had to face immense problems in serving the public.


                Mr.Kanesamoorthy realized that if all are united, the adverse conditions could be eased. Really, this idea did work out through the rapport maintained by this Association with various Authorities. This is the first success of our Association.


Further, this is a unique Association existing only in this Province and not in any other Province of Sri Lanka. There are Associations of individual Banks but not an Association in which all Banks are members.

We have passed through the most turbulent period and we have achieved several objects jointly. In time to come, I am confident  that  more and more beneficial matters for all these Banks can be achieved through unity.

I wish the Northern Province Banks’ Pensioners’  Association all success in future.











Inaugural on  - 1994-09-30

1994 - 1997








1st AGM - 1994-09-30


Founder President 

President  Mr.K.Kaneshamoorthy

Secretary- Mr.M.Vamadevan

Treasurer- Mr.S.Pathmanathan



1997 - 2006











3rd AGM - 1997-10-04.           

President-  Mr.R.Sundaralingam

Secretary-  Mr.A.Jeganathan


Secretary- Mr.V.Sahadevasangary

Treasurer -Mr.M.P.Vethanajagam


4th AGM - 2001-09-30.           

President- Mr. R.Sundaralingam

Secretary -Mr.A.Rasanayakam

Treasurer -Mr.S.Dharmarajeswaran


5th AGM - 2003-04-06.         

President -Mr. R.Sundaralingam

Secretary -Mr.A,Rasanayagam

Treasurer -Mr. S.Dharmarajeswaran


6th AGM - 2004-11-07.         

President - Mr. R.Sundaralingam

Secretary - Mr.A,Rasanayagam

Treasurer - Mr. S.Dharmarajeswaran


7th AGM- 2006-03-19.          

President - Mr. R.Sundaralingam

Secretary - Mr.A,Rasanayagam

Treasurer - Mr. S.Dharmarajeswaran


2008 - 2010












8th AGM - 2008-04-27. 


President - Mr. K.Balasubramaniam

Secretary - Mr.A,Rasanayagam

Treasurer- Mr. S.Dharmarajeswaran


2010 - 2014






9th AGM - 2010-10-30.         

President      -Mr. T.Annandarajah (PB)

Jt.Secretary  -Mr.A,Rasanayagam (BOC)

Jt.Secretary  -Mr.S.Nadarajah (BOC)

Treasurer     -Mr. A.T.Perinpanathan (BOC)


10th AGM -2012-02-11.        

President-     Mr. T.Annandarajah        (PB)

Jt.Secretary- Mr.A,Rasanayagam      (BOC)

Jt.Secretary- Mr.A.Rajanayagam          (PB)

Treasurer    - Mr. K.Ulaganathan        (BOC)


11th AGM - 2013-05-05.       

President     -Mr. T.Annandarajah      (PB)

Jt.Secretary -Mr.P.Francis                   (BOC)

Jt.Secretary-Mr.Rajanayagam               (PB)

Treasurer    -Mr. K.Ulaganathan        (BOC)


12th AGM - 2014-06-28.       

President     -Mr. T.Annandarajah       (PB)

Jt.Secretary -Mr.K.Kamalasekaram  (NSB)

Jt.Secretary -Mr.Rajanayagam          (PB)

Treasurer     -Mr. K.Ulaganathan       (BOC)



2014 - 2019











13th AGM - 2016-08-17. 


President        -Mr.A.W.Jeuthasan       (BOC)

Vice President. Mr.T.T.Jeganathan      PB)  

Vice President. Mr.K.Kamalasekaram  (NSB)

Joint Secretary.Mr.V.Nadarajah          (BOC)

Joint Secretary.Mr.S.Hentry                (PB)   

Treasurer.  Mrs Rajaratnam Sivarani  (PB)    



Northern Province Banks' Pensioners' Welfare Association - வடமாகாண வங்கி ஓய்வூதியர் நலன்புரிச் சங்கம்.