Ex Bankers Don’t Expire, they

only depart,        

their Exemplary Services remain(s) Evergreen!

Ex-Bankers’ Association of Sri Lanka - Ex-Bankers’ Association of Sri Lanka - CB–BOC–PB–NSB–HNB–COM–HSBC–SYL–SMB–IOB–SCB–SBI-Ex-Bankers’ Association of Sri Lanka - CB–BOC–PB–NSB–HNB–COM–HSBC–SYL–SMB–IOB–SCB–SBI-Ex-Bankers’ Association of Sri Lanka - Ex-Bankers’ Association of Sri Lanka - CB–BOC–PB–NSB–HNB–COM–HSBC–SYL–SMB–IOB–SCB–SBI-Ex-Bankers’ Association of Sri Lanka - CB–BOC–PB–NSB–HNB–COM–HSBC–SYL–SMB–IOB–SCB–SBI-


The International University for Marital Arts has honoured Mr. R.Nallaih Retired Chief Manager, with a doctorate for his excellent contributions as a Poet, Orator, Singer and Social Worker.

While he was in service, as an Area Manager, he wrote a poem in Tamil to honour the Bank Pensioners and this was sung at the ceremony held in Vavuniya District to honour the Bank Pensioners.

President's Visits London




We have invited as a Chief Guest Mrs. Srinithy Nanthasekaran - a courageous lady who won the US Embassy’s Women of Courage award. She is at present the Magistrate of Juvenile Court, Bambalapitiya and she was earlier served at Kayts and was a Legal Officer at the Indian Overseas Bank Colombo for 21 years. She was also in the team of the IOB which won the inter-quiz contest in 1995. As our lady members were grumbling discriminatory treatment in the payment of pension and other fringe benefits by the Banks, she has consented to give free advice for any injustice done to them so that they could obtain redress. Hope all the lady members who have genuine grievances will make use of this opportunity.


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Ex- Bankers Association of Sri Lanka

Ex- Bankers Association of Sri Lanka was established in August 1997, with only 4 Life Members and 11 ordinary Members, very many were reluctant to join and were predicting its death knell within a year. However, there were others with a positive thinking and with their support and contributions, we were able to overtake even long established Associations.

At the time our Association was formed there were only the Pensioners Associations established by the Banks, and those who retired under the Provident Fund scheme were not eligible to become members of the Pensioners Association. Further, those who had resigned, vacated post or those who had left the Banks with a burnt heart, due to frustrations over promotions, transfers, political victimization, election or ethnic violence, threats and displacement due to armed conflict lost their Pension Rights and were also unable to join the Pensioners Associations.

There were also cases where the Management took a rigid and stern disciplinary action for Minor offences and terminated the services of the employees, while a few others were able to continue in service even after committing serious offences.

A very fine example is that of the legendary Banker Mr. R.T Wijetilleke who first served in the Bank of Ceylon and later joined the H.N.B and served with devotion, but had to leave disappointed, when his promotion was overlooked. However, the Management had realized the mistake later, and he was recalled back and elevated to a higher post. Today, under his leadership the Hatton National Bank which was unknown to the Banking Industry half a century ago, has become one of the leading Banks in the Country and became one of the popular Banks in the Banking World.

MEMBERSHIP   - 1997 -- 2009

 Year    Life    Ord Total   Year      Life    Ord Total
  1997           4    11    15   2003    289 68 357
  1998        36 109   145   2004   308  66 374
  1999      100   91 191   2005   328  64 392
  2000   176  82  258   2006   354  61 415
  2001   239  73  312   2007   345  60 405
  2002   262   77   339   2008   364  58 422

 It is rather unfortunate the Management of the State Banks have so far never admitted their mistakes by recalling some of those dedicated officers who leftthe Bank with a burnt heart over wrong decisions taken by them. Even judges too make mistakes, and Judgement may go wrong, but Justice must prevail. We have also highlighted some of the gravest injustices done to some of our Members in this Journal, and hope they will be duly compensated for the sacrifices they made during their in the Service in the Bank so that they could happily depart from this World!.

The Pensioners Associations of the various Banks too should affiliate and form the Federation of Bank Pensioners’ Association, so that they could collectively raise their voices for common grievances and obtain redress speedily.

When the Bank of Ceylon Union was formed, it was not able to win any noteworthy achievements for their employees. Most of the demands were achieved after it was affiliated with the Ceylon Bank Employees Union. This Union was able to achieve tremendous improvement in the working Conditions , Salaries, Terminal Benefits including Pension Rights, W&OP scheme and medical benefits, which were never enjoyed by the Bank Employees, before the Union was established.

The Pensioners Associations of Banks are at present functioning independently similar to the former Bank of Ceylon Union, and as a result they too are unable to achieve much for their Members.

The Pensioners Association cannot of course resort to any Trade Union action, but they have with them two powerful weapons the Pen and the Ballot - but they prefer to remain passive and resigned to the raw deal they get ! Had only they used these weapons boldly and prudently, they would have eliminated most of the suffering, they are under going at present.

Our Association will continue to highlight these grievances in our Annual report and the Journal until redress is obtained. Our Association was able to achieve one of the objectives of uniting a fair number of the former Bank Employees of all Banks in Sri Lanka and those residing abroad under one umbrella and was able to achieve something noteworthy, similar to the Ceylon Bank Employees Union.



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President Ex-Banker's Association of Sri Lanka     -    Visits London 

Mr. K. Kaneshamoorthy F.G.|.B (Lond),

Mr. K. Kaneshamoorthy, president EX-Banker's Association of Sri Lanka visited the UK recently for a short period of 1 month. He has during the last 10 years performed a wonderful and marvelous service, always having the best interest and welfare of the retired pensioner's and past employees at heart and has ensured the progress, development and the future stability of the Association.

On 15 June 2009, a meeting was held at Bank of Ceylon, London Branch with Messers. L.G. Cyril Madadeniya, Country Manager. Mr K.Kaneshamoorthy president ex-Banker's Association of Sri Lanka and Mr M.R. Bunnv. A.l.B (Lond), UK representative Ex-Banker’s Association of Sri Lanka and with other prominent figures, retired pensioners and past employees. The meeting commenced at 4pm and ended up at 7.30pm.

Numerous important issues pertaining to banking activities and the association were discussed at length.

ln his speech, Mr. Kaneshamoorthy strongly advised ail retired. pensioners, past employees and in fact all Sri Lankans living in UK io open savings Deposit accounts and N.R.F.C accounts, thereby promoting Banking business, while earning better interest for their investment. Mr. Madadeniya and all members of the staff accorded a heartily warm welcome to the visitors and with his short speech and a tea party the meeting  ended up in joyful, hilarious and jubilant mood with laughter and all in smiles!


The Ex- Banker's Association in UK was formed in the year 2005 with messers. K. Manoharan, Ganeshalingham, Paramasamy and several other members playing a major role in the association affairs. Mr. K. Kaneshamoorthy's visit also had the twin purpose and intention to fathom how the association functioned here smoothly without any hindrance or problems.


On 21 June 2009 under special arrangement in a large hotel at 4pm. Mr K. Kaneshamo6rthy was given a hearty, glorious tea party with a warm welcome. All retired pensioners and past employees were present. New president, hony secretary Asst secretary, hony Treasurer, Asst Treasurer, 6 committee members and Mr M.R.Bunny as UK representative were unanimously elected to carry out the association activities. The meeting was over at 8pm with a long speech from Mr Bunny.


Mr. K. Kaneshamoorthy with his deep power of observation, reflection, investigation, experimentation, and the process of critical analysis, that is called scientific thinking, with all these rare and unique qualities have achieved name and fame and continued success and greatness for the Ex-Banker’s association of Sri Lanka. There is no doubt about it.


'Long Live Our Association, Long Live Our President Mr. K. Kaneshamooriliy F.C.l.B (Lond) Thanking you'.