Centenarians in Sri Lanka

K.Kaneshamoorthy,  President, Geriatrics Society of Sri Lanka


Are they a forgotten and neglected breed?


In Cricket a Batsman who scores a century is internationally recognized and honoured and rewarded. It is sad to note that the Senior Citizens who live to become centenarians in Sri Lanka is not regoniniced, honoured or rewarded like the Cricketer.


This is due to the fact that even the Senior Citizens are not given the same facilities and the recognition as in other developed countries.


In the developed countries the Senior Citizens are provided with the rent free office with fully equipped furniture and equipment for the registered Senior Citizen Associations and they enjoy concessions in Travelling,  medical privileges and allocation of funds on the strength of their membership for the International Elders Day.


In Srilanka only the State Banks have given such facilities for their Pensioners. Hope, every Divisional Secretary and Pradeshs Shaba should provide the same facilities for the Senior Citizens in their area.  The Centenarians should also be recognized,  honoured, rewarded, and given wide publicity in the press and electronic media for their Contribution made during their lifetime.


            It is rather disappointing to note that so far not a single Doctor in the Providence have become a Centenarian. Are they all over worked?. When their patients are able to achieve their goal isn’t an embarrassing for the Doctor not able to achieve the goal! 


In future hope the Doctors too will try the in best to achieve this goal so that they can guide their patients and increase the number of Centenarians in the Country.


Lead a healthy aging life and depart happily!

                 It is happy to note that there was a good response to our Society’s News letter published on 1st October 2017 whereas we honoured the Centenarians.

                 Many of the Elders and their Care Givers have sent messages congratulating our noble action. Most of them mentioned that they have been a neglected breed all these years and thanked our Society for giving prominence by publishing our photograph on the cover page.

               As there were requests from many Elders who are 90 years and over to honour them allso, since they have undergone immense hardships and sufferings during the 30 years war.

               As they were able to survive, their names should infact be recorded in the Book of Guinness, our Society will be posting a few copies of the News letter to the Guinness office.


















105 yrs Frenchman  Robert Marchand - Cycling Record

Many complain that they are too old for certain activities. But can age be a barrier to do what we want to do. Read about the determination of a Frenchman and the success that followed.


A 105 year old Frenchman set a new one-hour cycling record for his age.

Robert Marchand pedalled for 22.547 kilometers (14.01 miles) in the national velodrome in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines west of Paris.

“I didn’t see the sign saying there were 10 minutes to go, otherwise I would have speeded up”, the champion claimed.

·         “I’m not tired, my legs aren’t hurting, but my arms are. It has to hurt somewhere!” he said after doing 92 laps of the track.

“I feel emotional – and I’m even asking myself if all this is real!” said Marchand, who was born in 1911, three years before World War I began.


Three years ago, Marchand managed to ride 26.927 km in an hour.

 It is yet a record as he was aged over 100