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News Letter No.1                            (Estd 01.10.2007)                                     December 2008













Dr. Harold Gunatillake

MBBS (Cey); A.M.(Sing) FRCS; FICS (US);

FLACS, Cosmetic Surgeon



Geriatrics Society of Sri Lanka


A long needed Society for HEALTHY AGEING for the welfare of a fast ageing Population in Sri Lanka was inaugurated on the 1st of October 2007 in Colombo and we are very happy to note that within just One year, the Society has achieved some notable milestones despite the very heavy odds we have to face, similar to the so called “teething problems” that an infant faces, which we overcame with much grit and determination successfully.

In the first year the Society conducted several Seminars, Clinics and Lecture Demonstrations which were open to the General Public as well. Our profuse thanks go to Dr.Kingsley Ranasinghe MD;FRCP.FRCPE;FCCP, now retired, the only trained and Qualified Geriatric Consultant Physician in Geriatric and General Medicine in Sri Lanka who delivered the first lecture which was participated by Mrs. Jegarajasingham, Secretary Ministry of Social welfare and Social Services.

His “Golden Touch” and financial contributions to our Society will we are sure, definitely lead our Society to celebrate the “Golden Year” in the Future.

We also thank most sincerely Dr. Harold Gunatillake MBBS (Cey); A.M.(Sing) FRCS; FICS (US); FLACS, Cosmetic Surgeon who has Published almost six Books of which one of the first was “Healthy Lifestyles and Longevity” and a most useful Handbook titled “Diabetes – Problems and Answers” for his Voluntary Services to our Society with his brilliant Lectures on Health topics for the Elderly. He appears often on TV channels in Sydney Australia and several overseas Countries and we learn he has published his latest Book on “Living with Your Heart”

The Geriatric Society of Sri Lanka is very fortunate in having three Octogenarians to Lead our Society. The First President – Mr.P.Letchumanan, Mr. Brian Forbes and Mr.Cecil Perera Vice Presidents setting an example in leading lives of Longevity; but most unfortunately Mr. Letchumanan, and Mr.Brian Forbes are not in the best of health presently having had stressful lives working  in the Banks and more so after retiring which undoubtedly have and severe effects on their health. We hope that with the advice being given by the Geriatric Medical Specialists at our HealthCare Seminars they will make it a point to improve their health status.

We are happy to note that the Senior Vice President Mr. Cecil Perera is much healthier than most others much younger to him. He has been the live wire of The GSSL and has been responsible for organizing all the Lecture Demonstrations from CLEVER CHEK conducted by Mr.Ranil Karunaratne, Business Development Manager WesRone (Pvt) Ltd Agents in Sri Lanka for Cleverchek originally Made in Germany but now supplied by their Company in Taiwan – Testing the Blood Glucose levels of all attendees free of Charge and. Introducing RANE lemon Grass Oil for Cancer (with the latest Research from Israel and RANE Lemongrass Oil produced in Sri Lanka`s  largest Distillation Plant in Kegalle District and Approved by the Department of Ayurvedha, Nawinna Maharagama.,and introducing LINK MUSCLEGARD Double Action Herbal Ointment for Rapid Relief and Permanent Cure of all manner of Aches, Pains and Skin ailments manufactured by Link Natural Products (Pvt) Ltd. One of the Largest Exporters of Herbal Products in Sri Lanka as well as introducing SMITH CLAN VIRGIN COCONUT OIL.

Mr. Cecil Perera introduced to the Public for the very first time the HYDRO THERAPY HEALTH SPA for WELLNESS at Koswatte Nawala by inviting Mrs.Manohari Wickramaratchi. The CEO/Director and her Singapore counterpart Ms. Sarah Goh to give a most interesting Lecture Demonstration to our Members and the Public, as you will see in the Testimonial by Mr.S.Prema Jayasundera, Retired Director – Engineering. RUPAVAHINI TV, published in this Newsletter being ample proof of our achievements to our Membership and all Senior Citizens in helping them maintaining Good Health and keeping well. We are very happy to see the HYDRO THERAPY SPA expanding their unique Services in Sri Lanka and The Maldives and wish them all success in the future.

Mr. Kandiah Kaneshamoorthy our other Vice President had the opportunity of meeting Dr.V.S.Natarajan a pioneer in the field of Geriatric Medicine in India for his Services to the elderly population in India, on a visit made to Chennai. Dr.Natarajan has been writing many books in English and Tamil – some of them being “Goodbye to Old Age”,” Everything  you want to know about after 60”; Healthy Nutrition for Healthy Ageing”, “Mind your Mind”. These Books and those written by Dr. Natarajan all of which are in simple English and easily understood should be in the Home Library of every Senior Citizen in Sri Lanka to make them aware of How to keep Healthy and well.

THE GSSL has applied for Registration with THE NATIONAL COUNCIL OF ELDERS and expect most hopefully after Registration to obtain both moral and Financial Support from The Ministry of Social Services and Welfare, Corporate institutions, the private Sector and the General Public. We hope that the Founder Members together with our Committee Members will take a very active part in the Membership Drive next year to achieve our ambitious targets and bring in at least ten new members each.

We take this opportunity of wishing our Members and all well – wishers a Happy X Mas and a Peaceful and Prosperous New Year 2009.



Hony Treasurer & Hony Acting Secretary


 The Journey of a Thousand Miles must begin with a single step (Lao Tao)   





Dr.Kingsley Ranasinghe MD;FRCP.FRCPE;FCCP,

Discuission with Dr. Harold Gunatillake - Seminar . 2007

Members with Dr. Harold Gunatillake



Founders Committee Members


Left to Right

1. Mr. P. Somaskanthan (sec), 2. Mr. N.Balaraman (Treasurer), 3.Mr.K.Kaneshamoorthy  (Vice President) 4.Mr. E. Cecil Perera (Vice President), 5.Mr. P.Letchumanan (President), 6.Mrs. D. Preethi Perera (Asst. Treasurer),   7. Mr.G.Neville Perera   (Committee Members)8. Mr.Dencil A. De Silva (Committee Members)


1.Mr. H.B.A. Forbes (Vice President), 2.Mr. Bilvamangal  (Asst. Secretary), 3.Mr. A.J Fernando pillai (Committee Members),  4.Mr.M.Dhayalan  (Committee Members) 5.Mr. C.Nadarajalingam (Committee Members), 6.Mr. V. Saravanda  (Committee Members)

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